About Prime Investrade Limited

We Structure, Set up and Pay

We believe that if you focus on your core business, what you do best and outsource the mundane tasks of chasing your receivables to us, the advantages are enormous. In so doing, you immensely benefit and stay committed to your core values.

In a world, where time is of essence, PRIMEi steps in to help you maximise yours!


What We Provide

Prime Investrade suggests a range of out of the box tools to meet client’s objectives. We offer solutions and creative structured products, tailor made for each customer.

Prime Investrade has:

  • Wide range of innovative solutions offering to mitigate credit risk for solving liquidity issues
  • Arranging working capital
  • Strengthen balance sheet

Our solutions range from plain vanilla to highly structured and complex transactions. We provide options available in International markets bespoke for Indian transactions that manage the dynamics of trade finance and corporate funding.


We are open for affiliations with various finance houses operating the world over looking for access to markets in India to earn higher returns on capital.

We have:

  • All necessary operating licenses
  • Addressed all compliances
  • Relationships
    • Clientele (Assets)
    • Banking (Liabilities)